Anugraha’s Tribute to Bapak

Anugraha had a higher purpose that sadly was not recognised by everyone, and as a result, Anugraha was lost. This event shows Anugraha’s potential and why its loss was catastrophic and still rebounds today.

Following Bapak’s death, it was believed the greatest tribute that could be given to honour his life and work was for the three main religions to come together as equals in prayer.  I am happy to be corrected, but my understanding is that this may have been the first time the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions prayed as one in public.  This event took place in the 80s, and remains topical to this day.  I hope this helps people to understand why Anugraha was so important to Subud’s future and role within the world, and why its loss is so felt even to this day.

FORTY DAYS AFTER BAPAK’S DEATH40_after_death_Bapak_Anugraha_programme