Personal Tributes

Our journey started fighting for others then onto fighting for ourselves through no fault of theirs or ourselves. The journey over 26 and a half years has been difficult.  At times it has been hard keeping our heads held high or maintaining any positivity.  Due to the prolonged stresses, pressure, fear, anxiety and strain, we were at different times dragged down. So what helped us to rise up and survive those darkest moments?   We have been blessed to have alongside outstanding, wonderful people who have supported, guided, held us, as if knights or angels in human form. They have stood steadfastly in their belief embodying truth, justice in our case, professionalism, decency, morality, honesty, compassion, knowledge and understanding.

These people have nothing to gain, no hidden motives, will remain unpaid and expect nothing. Thanking them is quite inappropriate as we owe them everything. Our life, our being still in our home and still on this life plain.  A year ago, they volunteered to represent us when we meet the Inquiry panel and want very much to help bring resolution.  We hope the names of the innocent will be cleared, our house returned and Andreas restored.

In no particular order of favouritism, I wish to pay tribute. We can only love them. We are filled with gratitude for all they have done for us and the example they give to the world. For us they have been pillars of strength, constant and responsive through thick and thin.


John Pitman

John Pitman

John Pitman Licensed Practitioner Insolvency. A non-Subud Member. A Christian man. A brilliant man. A man of integrity. He was the only appropriately qualified Director with CV to match to run an insolvent company. I still believe if anyone could have saved Anugraha, it was him – but we will never know, as he was prevented from completing the job.

He saw the best and worst of Subud. Initially ‘touched’ by Anugraha’s beginnings, it’s aims and what members achieved. At the end of his experience he fell foul to rudeness, disrespect and humiliation. He saw how ignorance can grow into evil and refers to this in one of his letters.

Following collapse of Anugraha, he joined Ian Insley to form the professional team to save the houses and resolve hardship cases. This team received much respect by those who dealt with them.

He again became involved when the Bank moved aggressively upon us for the second and final time. By that time there was only me to deal with things. I recall it being the most distressing and traumatic time of my life. After seeing Ian to save my home, I went onto John. It was not possible for me to work with him as I had nothing to offer. An SOS call to Joe Lewis was made to which he immediately responded. It was Joe who forced the Bank to come to meetings. Our survival was imperative. There was little on the table and it was here we lost our home to a Bank.

I lost my home because of the lies of Sharif Horthy, the missing £2M for hardship and an indifferent Subud organisation.
It was here John Pitman became my Dumbledore, epitomising goodness, integrity, intelligence and wisdom. At no time did he give me the impression he agreed or supported Subud’s response to Andreas’s plight. John Pitman saved my life. He lives on to this day through his 12 Golden Rules for Survival.


Ian Inseley

Ian Inseley

Following the collapse of Anugraha, the missing £2M and serious consequences of the Sharif Horthy speech the Banks moved in on the houses. A small professional team responded to save the houses and rescue the hardship cases.

Ian Insley, lawyer, and John Pitman, Licensed Practitioner of Insolvency, supported by Simon Murray, Andreas Zys and his cheque book came together under the leadership of Luthfi O’Meagher.

Ian completed successfully the many and varied legal tasks that included High Court Actions, negotiations, attending meetings and giving legal guidance and advice. A great deal is owed to him for his professionalism and expertise.

It took nearly 10 years, but once the 4 houses were saved and the hardship cases were resolved he turned his attention to our serious situation. He opened Anugraha Hotels Ltd to give us our last chance to take action against the Directors. The Subud organisation blocked our attempt and the Company was closed forever.

Throughout all these years Ian has continued to support, guide advise and oversee. He has never faltered in his belief that Andreas is a genuine case of injustice.

Ian has proved himself to be a true humanitarian and a symbol of goodness, integrity, truth and justice.
He waits to help Subud bring resolution to these sad series of events and the end of our suffering.
We express inadequately our gratitude for all he has done for us. We have been truly blessed to have him in our life.


Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

Joe’s profession and skills are Banking, Finance, Charities and Charitable works.
His involvement with Anugraha’s affairs has been lengthy. He visited Anugraha hoping to help but events overtook. He supported the team saving the houses when his expertise was required. Joe worked with John Pitman to find a solution to our desperate situation.

He then took over our lives. Stringent financial controls were introduced to ensure our ongoing survival. He planned strategy and removed emotion from all communication. Joe has always responded to our concerns injecting realism, hope and positivity in the darkest of times. He is aware of our deteriorating situation.

Joe has been horrified by Subud’s treatment of Andreas. It’s lack of decency and morality. A registered charity that withheld charity that could have brought comfort to Andreas’s life. His cry ‘in all this, what happens to Andreas?’ He saw the injustice.

The Subud organisation remained unresponsive. All avenues were exhausted. He and Ian agreed to allow the evidence/story to be released. In so doing they freed my voice.

Joe is a true humanitarian, a Good Samaritan. He is a symbol in the world of decency, morality who genuinely cares. He proved to be a stickler for adherence and highly professional. We have been truly blessed to have him in our lives, fully aware of all that he has done for us has kept us in our home and on this life’s plain.

He, alongside Ian, have been waiting a year to help Subud bring these scandalous events and our suffering to an end.

TRIBUTES FROM MEMORY LANE – the road that leads to the reuniting of souls

Over the years in the Anugraha story a few members shone as if beacons. They remain forgotten. Their example promotes deep thought and highlights the hidden human cost. They become a light in the darkness created by the evil actions of a few.

We can look upon the Anugraha experience philosophically. Use it wisely to put wrongs right, learn the many lessons and ensure it never happens again. We can give thanks and show gratitude to the beacons and the hidden messages they embody and impart

I hope these examples will bring love, compassion, unity, healing, and resolution. Opening the hearts of Subud members to what it means to be a true Subud member.


Mashud and Rohana Darlington

Mashud and Rohana Darlington

Mashud and Rohana are respected and talented members of Subud who have performed a number of roles within the organisation.

Following the collapse of Anugraha they took on voluntarily the vital and demanding job, keeping the plight of the houses on the agendas of Subud and in the consciousness of the organisation. This became a considerable challenge over the years. They covered all costs their roles bore. The results of their work and commitment contributed much to the successful outcome.

Over those years they became close, valued, personal friends. They supported us through many strains and stresses brought about by events. Always caring. Always responsive.

When Andreas came into the realisation that our home was to be dealt with differently from the others he had helped to save – that the solution was going take much longer – he rejected their offer to help. He did so from the highest of reasons. Believing it was likely to take years to resolve, he wished them to live their lives free of the burden of our growing demands and needs. He does not regret that decision, knowing it to be right.

We have never forgotten and cherish the memory of our time together. Their kindness, compassion, care and responsiveness. They are truly lovely sincere, kind, compassionate, honest, trustworthy people who shone in the darker moments of that time. We were blessed to have had them in our life. We hope they flew free of the burden we were becoming if not already become onto success and abundance.


Varindra Vittachi

Varindra Vittachi

Journalist of distinction; Director United Nations Population Fund; Executive Director for External Affairs; UNICEF Chairman World Subud Council. Varindra had a deep sense of morality, a worldly understanding and wisdom. He’d successfully integrated his spiritual life into all aspects of his being. This reflected in his perception of the world, its affairs, people and how he communicated with everyone he met. He was in huge demand wherever he went.

Anugraha was realising its potential as an International Centre. World Subud Council officers were now visible and accessible to members. How Subud was run and the politics surrounding it were slowly becoming transparent. Varindra stayed at Anugraha often. He spoke with Andreas many times. Was a guest at our home. He was pleased how Anugraha was developing under the auspices of Luthfi O’Meagher and Board 3. Even Bapak confirmed this on his last visit. Luthfi could not have received higher accolades. So why did we lose Anugraha?

Varindra showed for some reason loving kindness towards me. It was as if he had a crystal ball, knew what was to come and what we were to endure. He gave me one of his personal sarongs in 1988 as if I was not to forget him and all he stood for. This appeared a big ask and huge expectation.

In those days, to receive a communication in any form from Varindra was a significant event. Andreas was touched to receive his recognition, support and encouragement as the work saving the homes was underway.
We were blessed to have met him, receive his insights and come under his guidance at that time.

Varindra died in 1993.


Kadarijah Gardiner

Kadarijah Gardiner

Kadarijah was great lady whose contribution to Subud internationally and to caring for individuals including myself was so huge it is not recordable. It can be symbolised simply by her 3 dial synchronising watch. A time face for London, another for Indonesia and another wherever she was in the world. It is not possible to think of her without an out burst of love and a tear. She was fabulous, special and a joy. She came to our home as we visited hers in London and Indonesia.

At Bapak’s request, Helpers were the first to have a room inside Anugraha. She observed Board Meetings but it wasn’t until Luthfi O’Meagher and Board 3 that she was able to develop her work under the dome. Her work was considerable but recall bringing over isolated members to meet everyone and to give whatever help required before they returned to their respective countries.

Kadarijah was one of a few who received deep, profound, experiences within Anugraha. Bapak said if only people understood. Kadarijah did and so the pain of losing Anugraha was real and long lasting. She was an unflinching supporter of Luthfi O’Meagher and the work of Board 3. Kadarijah wrote the Introduction in the book Anugraha. My memory of her racked in tears pleading with a gang of men not to proceed with the testing of the MD as she had a message will remain with me forever.

Following the loss of Anugraha she commenced a long valiant fight with cancer. During that time I had a lovely Lebanese meal with Sharifin as I sought help to save my home. Sadly, I am still fighting my great fight for my home to be returned. Kadarijah finally lost hers in 2013.


Ian Arnold

Ian Arnold

Ian was an officer in the World Subud Council and played a significant role with his wife Muftiah in Subud. They travelled widely, recording their experiences. Their message, sadly, has not born the fruit they hoped it would.

Ian was a charming gentleman. I recall our first meeting. His face was very familiar being in many publications of the time. We shook hands. ‘I’m so pleased to meet you’ I said. ‘Your face is infamous’. His expression in response is etched in my memory. There was no permanent damage as we became friends. The photograph on the left was taken at our wedding reception.

Ian was involved in the affairs of Anugraha, especially the legal problems surrounding Board 1. He was angrily opposed to the removal of Luthfi O’Meagher MD Board 3 . In our files is a stinging letter from him to Travers-Smith challenging him to justify his actions removing the MD. Travers-Smiths aggressive reply is lost in the bizarre world of figures.

Following the collapse of Anugraha Ian was a constant figure supporting, communicating with Andreas whilst the work saving the houses was underway.  This was greatly appreciated and we hold his memory in affection.

Our distinguished family have moved on, leaving us to it.

Ian died in 2011.


Lavinia O'Meagher

Lavinia O’Meagher

Lavinia, wife of Luthfi O’Meagher, is the unsung heroine, who has borne the hidden cost of these scandalous events with dignity.

In her 80s. A retired concert pianist and piano teacher. Lavinia has remained a committed member of Subud, supporting her husband, despite losing 30 years of her life.

Her silent story, she certainly has one, remains untold. The story invites everyone to take a closer look at the hidden cost of the years of unspoken pain and suffering through no fault of her own.

Lavinia has had to standby for years watching her beloved husband’s reputation and standing being ruthlessly destroyed. Seen his basic human rights denied. Over and over again she has been defenceless against rudeness, hostility, ignorance of opinion and distortion of facts. Lavinia has witnessed members behaving as if feral whilst others guilty of more serious misdemeanours not being brought to account. If that wasn’t enough she has borne the heaviness of expectation, the disruption to every part of her life. How many of her dreams and aspirations have been shattered because the majority stood by in indifference.

Lavinia has been in a marriage of three. A mistress called Anugraha. Born out of neglect and unresolved circumstances. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year for 30 years Anugraha has screamed exhaustingly. Does anyone care for this courageous lady? A lady who has a story to tell that must be told so others can learn.

Lavinia is a beam in the darkness. Stoic, steadfast and wise. A courageous lady of integrity who has withstood the test of time but at what cost to herself?


Painting by Richard Engels

Painting by Richard Engels

Richard was an artist and sculptor. He held a number of positions in Subud. Instrumental in the development of Subud in Germany as well as Internationally.  Bapak confirmed his talent as an artist and appointed him as the first SICA Chairman in 1983.

He became Subud’s grandfather. The story teller who enthralled. His past was extraordinary and his telling exciting. He was greatly loved and hugely popular. I recall waiting in large halls for Bapak to emerge to give a talk. Suddenly a buzz of anticipation was felt. In would walk Richard to a standing ovation whilst he took his seat.

We were privileged as Richard became a friend staying at our home on many occasions. He would talk through the night on serious as well as light hearted matters. He held a deep belief in Almighty God and had an equal commitment to Bapak and the organisation of Subud. He was a huggable loving giant of a man.

Richard lived in Germany and travelled as SICA chair. He was not directly involved in Anugraha affairs but used Anugraha in his work. He was thrilled by its development and deeply affected by its end.

He would hear things. Ring Andreas for clarification always offering support and help in anyway he could.
We hold his memory in great affection. Grateful for what he was able to do and for his willingness to respond in times of need.

Richard died in 1991.