Saving the situation

Sharif Horthy

Sharif Horthy requires to be brought to account over his speech and his article

Is truthfulness possible in Subud? Certainly, but our experience over these many years has sadly been NO.

The lack of inquiry into the loss of Anugraha and the misinformation has become embedded, surviving like rampant weeds.  The unwillingness of those in positions of responsibility act as though they are clones.  The silences, the rudeness received from members – bullying, abuse, aggression – it is as if the organisation is in the grip of some powerful unyielding influence.

The Zys situation and the events creating it need to be put right.  Investigation into the missing millions should have taken place years ago but did not.

Sharif Horthy should account for his motives when making that speech that brought serious consequences upon innocent, traumatised and frightened members facing the loss of their homes.

The serious and damning consequences of Subud testing that went wrong yet still were acted upon – this had far reaching consequences damaging and hurting us beyond imagination. It destroyed our lives and Subud stood by. This can only bring great shame and condemnation upon the organisation. This must never happen again.

An Inquiry is still possible whilst the key figures are still alive and of sound mind.  We request this now be seriously considered along the lines in previous communication. The membership of the panel must be seen to be sufficiently independent to avoid accusations of corruption. We suggest the panel represents law, admin, banking and representatives of WSC and Subud Britain.

Whether ignorance or conflict is interest is the cause, wrongdoing has taken place and there must be a willingness to put these wrongs right – a willingness to realign one’s thinking, become more open and receive enlightenment.  The people wronged should no longer be denied their right to receive justice.  The many lessons need to faced and learnt.  Serious discussion on deep subjects needs to take place and the sense of brotherhood and oneness claimed and re-established.

It must be remembered: if none of these events had taken place, right action would have proceeded and our home would have been saved alongside the others and the Hardship Cases.  Our experience of Subud over these years has not been a pleasant one.  Few, it appears, can be trusted to act with integrity, in honesty, in directness and truth.  None we have contacted for help have proved themselves reliable or helpful in any way.

We therefore had no option but to call upon a few good men:

Michael Kennedy, a Barrister,

Laurence Clark MBE  

Bryan De Verneuil-Smith, a lawyer

We request that they come forward to help to bring this painful prolonged situation to resolution for the benefit of all.

Good people in Subud past and present need to care. To come forward and insist that their voice must be heard and acted upon.  The consequences to Subud and the name of the Founder may be serious indeed if change does not occur.

We ask Subud people to allow an Inquiry into Anugraha so lessons can be learnt, for the innocent to clear their names, return our home and restore Andreas before he dies.