Pictoral Messages: Sharif Horthy

Sharif Horthy cartoon - up to his neck in rubble with Anugraha, Premier Hotels, Project Sunrise, BSB bank and Widjojo crumbling in the background.

Sharif Horthy’s message to the world: “No-one did anything wrong, we simply made a mess of it.”

Sharif Horthy cartoon 2 - Sharif Horthy is seen ignoring a  voice, which says "When and enterprise fails, you do not walk away."  He tramples on people and houses, whilst money goes down the drain as he hangs onto Widjojo and Gold and Copper from Kalimantan.

Sharif Horthy’s Second Message to the world – Ignoring Bapak’s words, trampling on hardship, whilst amassing gold and copper from Kalimantan.

Sharif Horthy cartoon 3 - He is seen being seen taken by a dumper truck, along with his Widjojo, to the desert, towards death and hardship, whilst a bottle in the foreground is shown, labelled 'Taste your own Medicine."

Suzannah’s reply to Sharif Horthy: “Taste Your Own Medicine.”