The Mistakes

WHAT BAPAK SAYS…About Mistakes

“In correcting mistakes, we have to look for the place of error so that we can find the way to correct it. Let us not cover up the reasons and the causes.  This is important.”

There are two separate issues that need to be clearly defined:

  • The injustice as a result of Anugraha concerning innocent names being misused and the truth being suppressed.
  • The injustice resulting from the mistakes made by Subud members and the organisation following the collapse of Anugraha that had a profound deterious effect upon one man’s life, destroying it. Had they not occurred, all the homes – including the Zyses – would have been saved and Andreas Zys would have his home, his business, his wealth and pensions.

It is imperative that this is understood, and that those reading make that clear distinction.

Five homes were involved and members applied and underwent ‘means testing’ before being accepted as Hardship Cases. The WSC agreed to help those whose homes were threatened and those identified in need.


Sharif Horthy misled members in his public speech closing the organisation down to all matters related to Anugraha. In so doing, the organisation turned its back upon the members it had previously agreed to help.


A sum of £2 million  was promised and designated for the 5 homes affected alongside identified Hardship Cases. £1 million from a wealthy member, Samuel Simonsson – who was involved in Anugraha’s demise – and a further million from WSC at that time.


No investigation has taken place by the organisation leaving it open to allegations and the suspicion that theft, fraud or malicious intent had taken place.  A letter by the WSC retained by another member for personal agenda reasons, has still to come to light. This may help to bring final confirmation of responsibility. We wait with interest.

As the Banks moved in upon the houses, a small team was formed and financed by Andreas to save the homes and resolve the Hardship Cases.  It took ten years. As a result of Andreas’ sustaining the effort, he lost his business and pensions attached. Four of the five houses were saved, the deeds returned unencumbered. The Hardship Cases were resolved satisfactorily. This team did a miraculous job under extreme difficulty in a culture that had, for some reason, become hostile.


It then came to the 5th house Andreas’s home. The organisation turned its back. False, unsound Subud testing took place resulting in the organisation abandoning him.  It was at this time that the house was named the House of Conscience by the organisation and its members.

This caused division within the organisation as members were against the action taken by the organisation, but their voices went unheard. No investigation took place. This had serious consequences on the Zyses, and led to them being separated from Subud and eventual loss of their home to a Bank. That sum has to be unjustly repaid.

How many times does one man have to pay for Subud‘s errors?