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Fought 28 years for Truth and Justice – Denied by the Subud Organisation

Andreas Zys

Andreas Zys
1938 – 2016

This is a story of courage; high principle and right action of one man who gave all to save other homes due to mistakes made by an organisation, and as a result was unable to save himself.

The purpose of this website is to raise awareness of a long standing problem that is not being resolved. We want to be heard by both the general public and members of the Subud organisation.   We seek to address Subud members who have no knowledge of the situation, but also those who have knowledge about the facts but do not know it can be resolved. We are also turning to older Subud members who may wish to return to past mistakes and be willing to deepen their understanding, to change their minds and assist in bringing resolution.

Andreas Zys died aged 78 yrs old, and for 28 years had been fighting alongside others for truth and justice following the collapse of Subud’s largest enterprise, The International Centre, Anugraha, in 1989.

The Subud organisation denies those rights to seek truth and justice, and denies all responsibility. It continues to protect itself, the people responsible and the high investors all involved in this enterprise’s demise.

Through no fault of his own Andreas Zys risked losing his home, as the Subud organisation stands by – defying all morality, decency and the guidance of its own founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, known to Subud members as ‘Bapak’.  The personal circumstances of the Zyses continue to deteriorate. The Subud organisation, a Registered Charity, refuses to use ‘public benefit’ to help the Zyses as they face eviction from threat by members.


“This is the fruit we can look forward to… a society which is harmonious, united and prosperous, where people are close to each other, and where they take responsibility together for everything that happens.

For example, if it happens that one of our enterprises fails, everyone will share the failure, will help and try to support the people who have lost out. Not like now, when your enterprise fails and everyone looks the other way: ‘nobody cares’.”

[Bapak, December 1977]

Andreas Zys’s situation has resulted from a number of events leading to mistakes that occurred within the organisation following the collapse of Anugraha. We want to fully explain those mistakes and focus the minds of members to finally addressing those issues, bringing closure to long standing painful situation.

IGNORANCE has been identified as one of the causes for the Zys suffering. We hope this website, the Twitter page and Facebook page will enlighten members. We believe that, had the Subud organisation acted appropriately all those years ago, this situation would have been resolved and right action taken. We place the responsibility firmly at the feet of those who influence policy, as well as those responsible for it. We believe by opening up the Anugraha story, those who wish the facts to be hidden will no longer hold power to influence events.

CONFLICT OF INTEREST is the second cause which has been identified.  In the UK, Subud members have taken the fall for the catastrophic loss of Anugraha and the smaller venture Premier Hotels.  Members involved in one or both have held positions on Subud committees.  Acting from self-interest, they would not wish for their past actions to be placed under scrutiny or the past be brought up again in any form. It is possible they may have influenced policy unfairly against helping the Zyses or holding an Inquiry into Anugraha.

Protecting those who do wrong sets a dangerous premise and lowers standards.  It allows illegality to take place and sets a scene for an unlawful society.  The organisation becomes known for poor practice, and cannot be trusted to act with integrity, truthfulness or openness. We hope this will address these issues and stop in their tracks those who wish to bring harm on the Zyses and on other innocent people.


We hope that openness will allow for movement. For change and the beginning of finding a way forward to resolution. We want to know the truth relating to events, bringing long overdue closure and healing.  We wish for justice to those wrongly treated and the return of the Zys home.

Andreas was able to die in his own home, though not before he saw justice

I now also request that I may be allowed to live out my remaining life in the peace and security of my own home.

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