The State of Subud Part 2

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Evidence, consisting of letters, meeting minutes, computer files and tape recordings.

Evidence, consisting of letters, meeting minutes, computer files and tape recordings.

The truth will become known. We wait for the long overdue INQUIRY conclusions.

At least the members will no longer be in a state of IGNORANCE.

I believe Subud Organisation crossed the line when it supported acts of illegality, betrayed the Founder and harmed the members who raised the money following the cathedral impulse.

Bapak said:

“There will be people who will never benefit from the latihan.”

He also said:

“If only people had understood Anugraha”.

Andreas alongside others did. Many didn’t.  As a result, Anugraha was brought down through ignorance and self-interest. Some saw this representing the fall of the first temple in Jerusalem.

What is truly shocking and scandalous is the reaction to Andreas over these 26 years. This heap of paper and files alongside computer files, film and tape are now EVIDENCE. If Andreas hadn’t had this archive we would have been LEFT FOR DEAD. Amongst is a picture of Bapak that hung on a wall inside Anugraha. A concerned member of staff rescued it from a rubbish tip at Anugraha. She boxed it up and sent it for some reason to Andreas for safekeeping.

Not one person has cared or indeed cares if he lost his home and all he possesses as well he might. How can anyone justify their behaviour and say they receive from God or be a true member of Subud.

If you follow a belief system it must reflect in behaviour. A Christian who does not follow the Bible! A Jew the Torah or a Muslim the Koran! Well where do members of Subud stand? Subud claims to receive from God and follow the guidance of its Founder but where do either reflect in the behaviour of members over the last 26 years in respect to this issue. Members have danced and partied in a state of indifference whilst one man takes the fall, pays the bills and is cast out. I have some idea how Moses felt. As a result a wonderful, intelligent, unique life is destroyed.

Is this not a WARNING to all members?  Is this not an important lesson for all members?


For many years Subud Testing has been controversial. Negative views have even reached the Internet.  Subud simply turns its back. Nothing is ever done. The Subud organisation and Helpers, repulsed by the subject of accountability, ignore to avoid responsibility. This I believe to be gross negligence.

In the Anugraha story, there are two very serious examples of Testing at its worst. These examples highlight when abused Testing not only breaches the law but proves to be dangerous and harmful.

The Testing of the MD at Anugraha and in the 1990s our home were serious events. The consequences continue on to this day. Nothing was done in either case. I still believe that those behind those events should be brought into the open dead or alive. Their evil intention not only brought the organisation into disrepute but also harm upon all involved and on us.

In today’s spiritual world, with the exception of prayer and Distant Healing, every aspect has been professionalised and insured. This helps to maintain standards and ensures responsibility and accountability is rightly applied. I can see no reason for Subud Testing to be excluded.

I would like to suggest a CODE OF CONDUCT for Testing,

to be devised and issued to each member as a beginning.


Everything the Founder said on the subject of Testing


What should and shouldn’t be Tested.

How members are to differentiate between their own desires and the pure contact.


When Testing should be aborted, not adhered to, with reasons why.



 There is nothing in Subud that justifies harming or devastating any life of an innocent member.

People sought out Subud for the gift of the Latihan. Not the seeking of gold and copper or to lose their material wealth through the madness, criminality and wrongdoing of others.

If Subud does nothing about this situation, Subud gives a twofold message to the world. That the life of an individual in Subud means nothing. That law, decency, morality, compassion, love or the higher values recognised in society have neither relevance nor importance in the Subud life.

Whatever religion you are in whether Jew, Christian, or Muslim, the highest loyalty is truth and justice. The Koran says the highest loyalty is not to Islam but truth and justice. Would anyone challenge that? No, at least no reasonable person. Yet Subud has and does repeatedly, as this story proves.

The world appears to recognise Subud is on the decline. If so, it is because of toxic corruption. Members are fettered by a misguided loyalty that no one must be criticised or dirty washing hung out in public. Yet they persecute people and make enemies of good people, benefactors, when enemies don’t exist at all.

Subud has to answer how it can persecute and harm people for 26 years. How it can turn it’s back on higher values that raise it.

Does this not make it clear to the organisation that it must no longer remain silent? That it must change. Take action. Learn the lessons and ensure it never happens again.