Questions Which Need to be Answered by Subud

  1. Why has the World Subud Council (WSC) denied the right of its members to know the truth why they lost their International Centre for 26 years?
  2. What are the consequences to an organisation that supports acts of criminality and wrong doing, yet turns is back upon its members identified most at need?
  3. Can the WSC, National Committees and Helpers explain and justify how they can walk away from members identified as Hardship Cases and those previously agreed were to receive help?
  4. Can the WSC, National Committees and Helpers justify their failure in duty of care towards these members?
  5. How can the WSC, National Committees and Helpers justifying protecting themselves, deserting members and betraying the guidance clearly laid down by the Founder?
  6. Was Anugraha The International Centre brought down deliberately?
  7. Did any part of the organisation or any person(s) benefit from Anugraha’s loss?
  8. Has Anugraha opened a window into understanding and giving a possible explanation for the high failure rate of the large Subud enterprise?
  9. Why has the organisation acted as if some members are enemies when those people have given their all because others didn’t share the burden. Who is actually in the wrong?
  10. How can the fraudulent incompetence of the final Board, B4, be explained or understood?
    1. Why did they ignore the advice of their financial director and not sell at £16M
    2. Why did they not sell at £14M
    3. Why was a £16M sale lost through the self-interest and actions of the MD Travis-Smith?
    4. We know that one bid was solid they may have been others why was not one bid accepted?
    5. Why did the situation so deteriorate following the resignation of Luthfi O’Meagher & later the resignation of John Pitman?
    6. Why was Anugraha sold for £6.4M as a job lot?
    7. How can the devaluation from £14M to 6.4M be explained? Did any person(s) take out their money and abandon the sinking ship?
    8. How did the Directors get away with fraud using innocent peoples’ names as if scapegoats?
    9. Unprofessional behaviour in negotiations was reported?
  11. Why didn’t Widjojo and Subud Britain as 2 of the 3 charge holders take action?
  12. Did the organisation or person(s) knowingly cover up for the wrong doing of these Directors of B4?
  13. Who was involved in the decisions making regarding Anugraha’s loss?
  14. Did anyone in the WSC or of influence have any part to play in what was to happen to Anugraha?
  15. What part if any did Adam Albright play in the decision making process regarding what would happen to Anugraha?
  16. What part if any did the Shareholder Representatives/non-exec directors play in the decision-making process regarding Anugraha’s end?
  17. How do the Shareholder representatives /non exec directors justify their decision to get rid of Luthfi O’Meagher MD B3 when it was known that he and John Pitman were there short-term and only until Anugraha was secured or saved. Why weren’t they allowed to finish the job?
  18. What were the motives of the Shareholder Representatives discrediting the MD B3 by spreading falsehood regarding the Music Festival across the Subud World?
  19. How can the actions of Maksum Stafford be justified and understood? Why wasn’t he stopped?
  20. It is well recorded that the Shareholder Representatives were illegal and behaving illegally. Why wasn’t this feral group stopped?
  21. How can the gang mobbing of the MD under wrongful testing be justified. It was directed that no further testing on enterprises was to take place as too many mistakes were being made?
  22. Who arranged for this illegal event to take place and what was its real purpose?
  23. Why weren’t the concerns of John Pitman re the behaviour of the Shareholder Representatives/non exec directors taken action upon?
  24. Why did the WSC fail in its duty of care not taking action re the assault by Adam Albright during the Subud Congress Sydney Australia?
  25. How was it possible for the MD Luthfi O’Meagher to be removed knowing it would bring about the end of Anugraha if he was?
  26. Some of the Directors of B3 crossed the floor joining the Shareholder Representatives/non exec directors.  Doing so they broke their code of conduct.  Why weren’t they removed?
  27.  What was the true agenda of the Shareholder Representatives/non-exec directors who grew in power and influence?
  28.  What was the purpose of the ‘secret meetings’ at Aurora Gardens Hotel Windsor?
  29. Is it possible that there was an alternative plan for Anugraha? That B3 was seen as thwarting that plan so had to be got rid of?  In their attempts to get back Anugraha, they brought it down.  Rather than saving it or allowing it to evolve, they took whatever benefits they could and got rid of it?
  30.  Why was H Loch, Chairman – was the first to cross the floor as a result of attending those meetings and lost sympathy with MD and Board aim – allowed to remain in his position?
  31.  What were the activities of Leonard Lasselle following the collapse of B2?
  32.  Why did Samuel Simonsson not support B3 as he had B1 & B2? There is no evidence of this. Why not?
  33.  What were the activities and influence of Samuel Simonsson following the collapse of B2?
  34.  What was Samuel Simonsson‘s involvement with Shareholder Representatives/ non-exec directors?
  35.  Has Samuel Simonsson been involved in any other failed enterprise within Subud?
  36.  Did Samuel Simonsson have any say influence in Anugraha’s end?
  37.  What were Adam Albright‘s activities following the collapse of B2?
  38.  Why is there no evidence of Adam Albright supporting B3 as there was for B1 & B2?
  39.  What influence did Adam Albright have on the Shareholder Representatives/non-exec directors?
  40.  Did Adam Albright have any influence in anyway in the decision making regarding Anugraha’s end?
  41.  Adam Albright’s finances need scrutinizing as don’t add up or make logical sense. What exactly was his status at the end as appear different from the beginning?
  42.  Would Robert Coker come out and tell what would have happened to Anugraha had the refinancing plan of B2 been allowed to succeed?
  43.  Would Robert Coker come out and tell the truth what occurred under B2 and the terrible things that went on?
  44.  Would Robert Coker come out and to talk about the discrepancies in the book under his watch from B1 to before B3?
  45.  Would Robert Coker come out and talk about money laundering that gave him no surprise during his watch between B1 and before B3?
  46.  Would Robert Coker come out and talk about what Sharif Horthy achieved or did not following the ousting of B1?
  47.  Would Luthfi O’Meagher disclose openly why he contacted the fraud squad, the outcome of those discussions and why he didn’t take action?
  48.  Why did Sharif Horthy deceive members in his infamous speech ‘no one did anything wrong we made a mess of it’ speech?
  49.  Who/What gave Sharif Horthy the right to perform a one-man inquiry to reach such wrong conclusions?
  50.  Why did Sharif Horthy ensure and deny members rights to have an inquiry?
  51.  Why do the actions of Sharif Horthy fail to represent the guidance of the Founder?
  52.  How does Sharif Horthy justify the reaction to that speech and members already promised to be helped were denied that help. Does he not accept any responsibility for outcome?
  53.  What are the consequences to an organisation that makes a promise but does not fulfil it and does everything to evade and deny its responsibility?  Can that organisation be seen as trustworthy or have integrity?
  54.  Does an organisation that has behaved as Subud has these 24yrs actually betray itself and ultimately its Founder?
  55.  What happened to the £2M promised for Hardship and those whose homes were involved?
  56. Was malicious intent behind the Testing that brought about the abandonment, separation and eventual loss of home to a Bank?
  57. Was malicious intent behind the organisation turning their backs on members?  Why were opposing views not listened to or taken into consideration?
  58.  How can bad testing be justified that brings harm upon members, destroys their life and abandons a person be allowed to proceed and voices opposing be ignored?
  59.  How can an organisation justify turning their backs on their own members?
  60.  Would the organisation like to comment on the views and report of R Kelly USA Chair at the time and their implications?
  61.  Would the organisation like to comment on John Pitman’s investigation and implications?
  62.  Why didn’t Subud organisation support the Zyses and their right to attain justice when the Company was opened for the last time?
  63.  Will they now reconsider and hold an Inquiry before it is too late and the ‘oldies’ die of natural causes?
  64.  Will the innocent names be cleared?
  65. Will the wrongs now be put right?
  66. Will Andreas’ home be returned to him and will he be fully restored?


Isn’t Subud Britain a Registered Charity? Answer “YES“. They could have offered the Zyses comfort under ‘public benefit’ but refused.

Subud Britain: Company Registration No 678027. Charity Registration England and Wales No 233282 Scotland No SCO39009