Documentary Evidence

Over the years, we have collected a large number of documents regarding the failure of the Anugraha enterprise:  letters, minutes of meetings from the members of the Boards involved, articles in publications  and comments from Shareholder Representatives, Directors, Andreas & Susannah Zys and members of Subud.

For the first time, we are presenting them for you to see: to expose the truth about the fall of Anugraha.

In chronological order, we start from the announcement of the International Centre and the requests from Subud to all members to help with investment.  We end with  unanswered MPs letters to the Chairman of the WSA, and reminders of what Anugraha meant to Bapak, the Founder of Subud.

We hope to shed light on the injustice which led us to name the final home of the Hardship Cases as ‘The House of Conscience.’  Please click on a document  to see it enlarged.