An Important Question

The directors of Anugraha at the time of its loss by Subud were:

  • Ian Travers-Smith – MD
  • Howard Loch – Chairman
  • R Heaslip
  • R Prescott – Secretary

Would one of you answer what you have been asked to explain since Anugraha was lost:

Why were offers of £16 million and £14 million rejected and Anugraha disposed of for £6 million?

Even at £14 million everyone would have got their money back.

Avoidance of explaining arouses suspicions.

2 thoughts on “An Important Question

  1. I would like to say that as far as I remember, I never refused to publish in Subud Voice anything about the Anugraha situation that was sent to me by Andreas Zys. I held him in high esteem, so I think there is a misunderstanding here.


    • I emailed Ilaina Lennard asking her to send me a copy of any article in Subud Voice dated in or after the late 1990s written by either Andreas or Susannah Zys (a few were submitted) or any article mentioning the Zyses. She replied that she was unable to do so.

      I would dearly love the days of conflict to be behind us but I am adamant that I will not keep silent when I see something said that is not correct.

      Susanah Zys


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