Why did you lose money?

You need to have first read Suspicion strengthened” which is also on the subudconscience news page.

We have no proof that Ian Travers-Smith has seen what is being said here about him, but he might have difficulty convincing a jury that since 20th October 2014 no-one has told him to look at this page.

In the absence of evidence to the contrary I feel it justifiable to say that those who put money into Anugraha lost all their money due to the self-interested action of Ian Travers-Smith.

I understand that Wentworth offered just under £17million for Anugraha but they declined the condition imposed by Ian Travers-Smith that he be taken on as MD and the deal that would have repaid all of us fell through.  Anugraha was then sold for £6.4million, insufficient for anyone to be repaid.

One thought on “Why did you lose money?

  1. I have just discovered this site and I feel terrible for you. However, what really transpired with the Wentworth offer is not what has been reported and if you want to point the finger of blame for the sale falling through, Lufthi O’ Meagre (if I’m spellling it correctly) is the one to look to. Ian TS was not self-interested; he never took a salary and didn’t even want the position, only accepting it after being asked to. He negotiated the Wentworth deal, after which Luthfi, who had been relieved of duty due to his increasingly bizarre behaviour, went to the bank / Wentworth and said that he was MD and ITS was not. Suspicions were raised and the offer withdrawn. I’m sorry to tell you this, but very few people know the truth and ITS is sufficiently sick of being unjustly vilified that he wants to hear no more of the matter. He was not acting out of self-interest but out of self-sacrifice and is as disgusted with the outcome as anyone might be in his situation.


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