Suspicion strengthened

In my post of Oct 20 2014, “Let me tell you a funny story…”, I wrote:


Will Ian Travis-Smith, MD of Anugraha at the time, or one of those who was on the Board with him, please now give us – in public – an explanation to account for that HUGE DIFFERENCE OF TEN MILLION POUNDS between what was offered and what was accepted.

No reply will understandably strengthen suspicions.


There has been no reply.

I now ask Ian Travers-Smith (apologies for having misspelt) to confirm or deny the allegation that he made it a condition of one or more of the offers for Anugraha that he, Ian Travers-Smith, be taken on as MD, a condition that was rejected and that caused the offer(s) to be withdrawn.

No denial will be interpreted as signifying that the allegation is no longer just a suspicion.

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