Human Sacrifice – Human Error – LOVE

It’s not what we need to dredge up –  selected complex details of over-long contentious debate. It is high time this problem was faced up to and acknowledged, and resolutions sought along the lines of openness, truth and justice.

Nobody wants to say what someone else doesn’t want to hear, so everyone has been silently conspiring to let incorrect facts assumptions remain upheld for 24 yrs.

The result is a good man’s life has been destroyed.  Personal dreams and aspirations ruined.  A quarter of a century of a life lost through struggle, fear and fighting for values that represent goodness and right action.  Members dance on in free-fall abandon, as if in a state of brain-dead denial.  Is there not one lesson to be learnt from this era, or does Subud wish to carry on walking along a path of self-destruction?

Others, with miserly characters, pick over the droppings from the cesspit of their own making.  They select, with proud achievement, pickings from a huge pool.  ‘We will present this and that and discredit them’.  I say “BUNKUM!”

Do You Really Need ALL The Details in Public?

I challenge you all.  Those who wish to believe they represent truth, well, pay for the site to be extended and maintained.  It will cost you a lot, but I will release the day to day events of how the houses were saved. The WSC involvement, the involvement of Subud Britain. The high court actions fought and won. The names of members who were nice and those who were extremely nasty. I will, with glee, hang out the dirty washing and the true dark nature of those who profess to represent the Subud organisation in all its glory.

So gentlemen, are you up to the challenge?  Do you really want the truth and establish who gave the most, who sacrificed the most and who did the most in this dire theatre of human error?  A story of survival and courage. A story that went on for a decade and resulted in breakdown of health and quality of life.  Do you really want to acknowledge those who stood for values that inspire and represent the true nature of the Founder of this unique organisation known as Subud?

We Need Openness about Anugraha

What we require to bring resolution, is openness in a constructive form.  To know WHY Bapak’s hope for the future, represented in Anugraha – often referred to as his Mosque, but more useful – was dumped for £6.4M.

Who was involved in that decision and why it was taken?  Are not the suffering and consequences important to everyone?

We need to clear the names of the innocent used as scapegoats, and place the responsibility firmly upon the shoulders of those responsible.   We need to put an end to threats upon our life and all  possibility of court cases that neither party can afford.  We need to fully restore Andreas before he dies, without compromise, as he has given all.  This is now becoming urgent as time is running out for us.

We need to act as Bapak intended, as a family that failed, but now has an opportunity to care again.  To show the values that can only be expressed if Subud Members are sincerely receiving from God:  LOVE.

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