Andreas is Dying: Charity

Andreas is dying. We are preparing to bring him home. Hoping the medical equipment will arrive. It has been inferred that his needs will have to be met elsewhere. Subud will not help.

Andreas has suffered greatly since Anugraha’s loss and he faces a difficult final journey with the help of morphine, Pallative Care, highly stressed me, Joe Lewis and Ian Insley. Friends and neighbours give loving support. People are praying for him and sending healing. All these kind wonderful energies come from ‘elsewhere’. 


I have already heard from one Subud member who suggested I placed our needs on this page


Bank:  Halifax
Acc No: 10486968
Sort Code: 11 03 66
Name: S Zys

IBand No: GB77HLFX11036610486968

Alternatively, contact

COMPANIONSHIP: before Anugraha’s loss our home was a Subud House offering free accommodation to travelling members, meeting etc. After Anugraha Andreas became the loneliest man on the planet. When he comes home if any of his old friends would like to sit with him. Help him to face this big experience.  All are welcome. He is unlikely to remember much due to lesions on his brain. Gentleness is paramount

PRACTICAL: I am looking for an au pair type person to do washing ironing house etc. can anyone help. Live in possible.

SMALL LIGHT WHEELCHAIR: for indoor use only . If anyone has one not used would love it on temporary loan basis

SUPPORT NURSING TEAM: who visit 4 times a day need someone at night to allow me to rest with peace of mind. Need someone through out day to be with him.



…yet gives nothing in the past or now to help Andreas. It gives no recognition to Public Benefit and turns it’s back. It appears it is a Registered Charity solely for the tax benefit and other rewards it receives. This raises the question if indeed the Charity Commission should be informed and for them to investigate if indeed Subud Britain is worthy of its recognition

An article written by Sharif Horthy in the 80s re “Why Anugraha Should Be Easy” infers that ‘Charity’ has been dispensed with. It is not clear if it applies to a change of usage of Anugraha that may not have been legal as Shareholders were not informed or change of emphasis within the organisation. Could this be the root of the problem? I draw this to the attention of caring members to bring about change not just for Andreas but members in the future.

The May edition of Subud Voice disappeared from the Internet yet it is available. I assume this may be due to Lewes members reaction to the loss of St Anne’s. The transcript is very interesting and for me highlighted 3 things

1. They were angry at St Anne’s Loss.
2. They failed to understand the significance of being ‘saved’
3. They came into true realisation that the organisation and representatives place great importance upon Subud’s assets rather than its members.

Lewes was spot on. This cannot be more plain. A man is dying. Subud has responsiblity. He has suffered for 27 years. His life destroyed. They won’t help.

Is it not time for change? Only members can produce the change for their future

What is clear, evil and material forces predominate in the Subud Organisation. I cannot forgive what you have done and continue to do in the case of Andreas . It’s painful to experience. I can only protect him from being hurt further. He knows but never complains.

END OF SILENCE –  Justice & Closure before he dies. NOW

Pictoral Messages to Sharif Horthy

In the past, Sharif Horthy has spoken about Subud’s attitude to its failed enterprises, such as Anugraha, Widjojo, BSB Bank, Premier Hotels and Project Sunrise.

We have used pictures to illustrate what messages he is sending to the world, together with an illustration to depict the response from Susannah Zys.

You may view these illustrations here:  Pictoral Messages

Ilaine Lennard apologises

On 23 Feb 2015 I received this unexpected email from Ilaine Lennard for forwarding to Andreas…

From: Ilaine Lennard
Date: Monday, 23 February 2015
Subject: thank you andreas
To: SusannahZys

Dear Andreas,

the other day I was on the Internet and came across a site about Anugraha.
To my amazement it also said that you had saved those who had pledged their
houses as collateral for Anugraha.

One of those who had provided collateral for this were the Lennards, but I
had never before been told that you were the one who had saved us.

I can only say how deeply touched I was to realise what you had done so
selflessly for us. And I wanted to thank you with all my heart – even though
it is now so late to do so.

I hope this message reaches you safely, and that you are both as well as can
be expected, given the passing of years. Please let me know if you received

I send my love. God bless you – and Susannah too – Ilaine Lennard


Here is my reply…

Dear Ilaine

I have not passed your email to Andreas. His reaction to hearing you mentioned would not be good. He has already survived two heart attacks. He has been very hurt and his life practically destroyed by these events. Not a single person in Subud has shown interest or care.

What you say has the ring of sincerity but it applies to just a drop in the ocean of the harm you have done us. For starters you should read “Why so late?” in

After Andreas financed the saving of your home and the other three all those years ago, we had insufficient funds left to save our own home which became partly owned by the Bank. Subud had promised to reimburse Andreas but, in spite of several reminders, no money has ever come through, Your not allowing the name “Zys” to appear in Subud Voice prevented us from making public protest or telling our story. A few years ago we learned that Andreas’s name had been removed from the list of Subud members. Your action prevented us from making public protest. Your action denied any right to get an Inquiry into the loss of Anugraha or obtain justice for those wrongly accused. We have been, and still are, living on eggshells with a tiny income not backed up by any savings – we live with the constant fear of suddenly being forced out of our home. Not only have Subud not offered us any help but our occasional letters – always courteous – to the successive Executives over these 25 years have not once been replied to. Your action prevented us from speaking out for 20 years. Recently Andreas was asked by two Helpers to prove that he was a Subud member, as the evidence made it clear that he was not, supported by their having never heard of him. Your action and that of your successors is responsible for that and prompted me to create the SubudConscience site. Your action and animosity to the Zyses is a major factor in our current situation, having prevented us from even stating our case, never mind achieving a measure of justice.

Andreas’s kindness to you has embarrassed you. Feel free to now embarrass us with your reciprocal help. Do be clear that we are not asking for money from you – it is surely up to Subud to recognise the enormous amount that Andreas did for Subud, to acknowledge wrongs done and promises made. You, Ilaine, have a sizeable responsibility for our situation. What you now do about that depends on your conscience and your character. If you act well, there will be a spin-off benefit to Subud which is currently in a state that is causing numbers to decline – it is mainly people of conscience and good character who are leaving. No mention of the “Zys situation” has been made in Subud Voice during your regime or since, i.e. for 25 years. Do you now have sufficient sense of morality and of justice to do something about that outrage?

We know you have suffered, given and lost a lot due to the failure of Subud enterprises. You, Ilaine, are intelligent, have contacts and have the ability to speak and to write effectively. If the feeling you express is, indeed, sincere you now have the opportunity to take action to convince those who matter that the Zys situation MUST be resolved and very soon – an acknowledgement of Justice and gratitude by Subud.

Please do not reply to this here in words; your visible actions from now on will be your response. I do thank you sincerely for your decency in apologising but you will understand why I hope for more. If you were to be instrumental in getting Subud to help the Zyses you would thereby be helping Subud regain a foothold on the path of decency from where it has strayed since the death of Bapak.

Susannah Zys

PS. Collusion has taken place, Conflict of interest and Wilful Blindness appear over and over again, as if a web has been weaved out of intrigue and complexity. For us it has been like breaking into a Mafia organisation which has shut us out, hoping that we would disappear and die. I have to wonder if you have been subjected to a conflict of interests due to your friendship with Travers-Smith.

Why the silence from our family?

Whenever I make a post about our situation and its cause I get quite a few responses... I get loving and supportive responses from Druids. I get concerned and helpful responses from those who practise Reiki. I get intelligent and warm responses from Shamans. From all of those and others I feel a genuine concern for our situation. When I make it obvious that I am a SUBUD MEMBER I get... no response from Subud members, total silence!  Would any Subud member reading this care to suggest a reason for that silence? My best guess is that it is apathy, a desire for peace and quiet and a feeling of “that isn’t my business”. Such an attitude is, of course, contrary to what Bapak asked of Subud members. I wonder if perhaps you might have the courage to organise some "testing" about the attitude to the Zyses.  So dear brother, dear sister, please leave me your comment. That would really be appreciated. Thank you.  Susannah

Whenever I make a post about our situation and its cause I get quite a few responses…
I get loving and supportive responses from Druids.
I get concerned and helpful responses from those who practise Reiki.
I get intelligent and warm responses from Shamans.
From all of those and others I feel a genuine concern for our situation.
When I make it obvious that I am a SUBUD MEMBER I get… no response from Subud members, total silence!
Would any Subud member reading this care to suggest a reason for that silence? My best guess is that it is apathy, a desire for peace and quiet and a feeling of “that isn’t my business”. Such an attitude is, of course, contrary to what Bapak asked of Subud members. I wonder if perhaps you might have the courage to organise some “testing” about the attitude to the Zyses.
So dear brother, dear sister, please leave me your comment.
That would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Human Sacrifice – Human Error – LOVE

It’s not what we need to dredge up –  selected complex details of over-long contentious debate. It is high time this problem was faced up to and acknowledged, and resolutions sought along the lines of openness, truth and justice.

Nobody wants to say what someone else doesn’t want to hear, so everyone has been silently conspiring to let incorrect facts assumptions remain upheld for 24 yrs.

The result is a good man’s life has been destroyed.  Personal dreams and aspirations ruined.  A quarter of a century of a life lost through struggle, fear and fighting for values that represent goodness and right action.  Members dance on in free-fall abandon, as if in a state of brain-dead denial.  Is there not one lesson to be learnt from this era, or does Subud wish to carry on walking along a path of self-destruction?

Others, with miserly characters, pick over the droppings from the cesspit of their own making.  They select, with proud achievement, pickings from a huge pool.  ‘We will present this and that and discredit them’.  I say “BUNKUM!”

Do You Really Need ALL The Details in Public?

I challenge you all.  Those who wish to believe they represent truth, well, pay for the site to be extended and maintained.  It will cost you a lot, but I will release the day to day events of how the houses were saved. The WSC involvement, the involvement of Subud Britain. The high court actions fought and won. The names of members who were nice and those who were extremely nasty. I will, with glee, hang out the dirty washing and the true dark nature of those who profess to represent the Subud organisation in all its glory.

So gentlemen, are you up to the challenge?  Do you really want the truth and establish who gave the most, who sacrificed the most and who did the most in this dire theatre of human error?  A story of survival and courage. A story that went on for a decade and resulted in breakdown of health and quality of life.  Do you really want to acknowledge those who stood for values that inspire and represent the true nature of the Founder of this unique organisation known as Subud?

We Need Openness about Anugraha

What we require to bring resolution, is openness in a constructive form.  To know WHY Bapak’s hope for the future, represented in Anugraha – often referred to as his Mosque, but more useful – was dumped for £6.4M.

Who was involved in that decision and why it was taken?  Are not the suffering and consequences important to everyone?

We need to clear the names of the innocent used as scapegoats, and place the responsibility firmly upon the shoulders of those responsible.   We need to put an end to threats upon our life and all  possibility of court cases that neither party can afford.  We need to fully restore Andreas before he dies, without compromise, as he has given all.  This is now becoming urgent as time is running out for us.

We need to act as Bapak intended, as a family that failed, but now has an opportunity to care again.  To show the values that can only be expressed if Subud Members are sincerely receiving from God:  LOVE.

“Why so late?”

We are being told that there must be a hidden reason why we have waited so long to come out with our story.  There is, indeed, a hidden reason – for 20 years we were prevented from speaking out.

Until recently, the only publication in Subud was the monthly “Subud Voice” sent to individuals and groups around the world.  The Editor, Ilaine Lennard, refused for 20 years to publish anything written by, or on behalf of  the Zyses, or anything mentioning them.  She gave no reason. Our request to successive Subud Britain Committees, that they intervene, only produced the response: “The Editor’s decision is final”.   We sent posters to groups, asking that they be pinned up on Notice Boards.  All group chairmen refused on the grounds that the matter did not concern them, or that “many others had lost their investment”  or  “we cannot get involved in a private matter”.

Five homes under threat

Following the loss of Anugraha, the Lennards were one of those under threat of losing their home to the Bank.  Subud Britain prevaricated about helping, even though time was of the essence.   Andreas immediately offered to help, with our home being one of the 5 that were threatened.  A team had several meetings with the Barclays solicitor.  The funding came from Andreas, who insisted that the Zys home should be the last one dealt with.

On the day that a deal was agreed with Barclays for the Lennard home, the first thing Andreas did on his return from London was to phone the Lennards.  Lawrence Lennard answered the phone.  Andreas told him the joyful news to which Lawrence replied “F*** off and don’t ever dare phone here again”.  Andreas put that down to the huge stress the householders had been under.  For example,  Andreas had advised them all to barricade themselves in, knowing that a bailiff would attempt to gain physical access.  I felt there was more than just stress to explain the behaviour of the Lennards.

Andreas funded the successful rescue of the 4 homes but the endeavour cost more than envisaged, leaving us with insufficient money to save our own home.  Since then, Barclays have partially owned our home and we are now threatened with it being totally lost to them, meaning that we will be evicted.

The 4 couples whose homes were saved were never informed, at Andreas’ insistence, that it was Andreas who funded the saving of their home.

Subud today – evil or apathetic?

Subud has become a strange society.  The vast majority of members are undoubtedly decent folk, but a visible minority are decidedly evil.  Sadly, the majority are apathetic and desire only to remain in a “quiet state”.  Bapak’s screaming at the ladies during their latihan at Anugraha, witnessed by Andreas, that they should get up and do something seems to have been of no avail.

We, the Zyses, are being treated as criminals but no-one tells us why.  The accused usually has the right to know what he is accused of.  I do appreciate that very recently I have been upsetting and boring people with the unpleasant things I have been writing.  But what about the previous 25 years?  Neither Andreas nor I have ever been accused of any wrong-doing in that very long time.  Andreas was unable to see others suffer without feeling an impulse to help, and he did help many, very many, and not always with money, often simply by fighting on their behalf.  The manner in which Subud reciprocates lies in the hands of every single member who claims to follow the latihan.  Committees, national and international, will do what a majority of members want them to do – but they cannot do so if the members say nothing.

So, you who are reading this, do you care?

Anugraha collapses and there is no enquiry.   £2 million, promised to be sent to help members in distress, goes missing.  No enquiry.   Since the loss of Anugraha, hundreds have left Subud in disgust and no-one seems to care.  It is obvious that in Subud, evil is winning over decency, and that does not bode well for the future of Subud.  In fact I would go as far as to doubt, unless radical changes are made, whether Subud has a future.


Subud Canada refuses to help its members know about the Subudconscience website for two reasons:

1. It concerns an enterprise on the other side of the world,

2. it all happened a long time ago.



Let me tell you a funny story…

You don’t need to be a businessman to follow this simple story…

Someone tells you that he had two guys offer him £16 and £14 for his bike, but he decided not to sell to either of them. Then along came someone else who offered him £6 and he accepted. Credible story? That’s what you have been told – that offers to purchase Anugraha for £16 million and £14 million did not complete and instead, the place was got rid of to someone else for £6 million.

Rejecting selling at 16 and 14 and then selling for 6 needs an explanation. There has been no explanation, let alone a plausible explanation. 16 – 6 = 10.  TEN MILLION POUNDS is a lot of cash.

Anugraha was OURS. It was bought with money from us, Subud members.  We, which includes YOU, have a right, an absolute right, to an explanation.

Will Ian Travers-Smith, MD of Anugraha at the time, or one of those who was on the Board with him, please now give us – in public – an explanation to account for that HUGE DIFFERENCE OF TEN MILLION POUNDS between what was offered and what was accepted.

No reply will understandably strengthen suspicions.

An Important Question

The directors of Anugraha at the time of its loss by Subud were:

  • Ian Travers-Smith – MD
  • Howard Loch – Chairman
  • R Heaslip
  • R Prescott – Secretary

Would one of you answer what you have been asked to explain since Anugraha was lost:

Why were offers of £16 million and £14 million rejected and Anugraha disposed of for £6 million?

Even at £14 million everyone would have got their money back.

Avoidance of explaining arouses suspicions.