Andreas is Dying: Charity

Andreas is dying. We are preparing to bring him home. Hoping the medical equipment will arrive. It has been inferred that his needs will have to be met elsewhere. Subud will not help.

Andreas has suffered greatly since Anugraha’s loss and he faces a difficult final journey with the help of morphine, Pallative Care, highly stressed me, Joe Lewis and Ian Insley. Friends and neighbours give loving support. People are praying for him and sending healing. All these kind wonderful energies come from ‘elsewhere’. 


I have already heard from one Subud member who suggested I placed our needs on this page


Bank:  Halifax
Acc No: 10486968
Sort Code: 11 03 66
Name: S Zys

IBand No: GB77HLFX11036610486968

Alternatively, contact

COMPANIONSHIP: before Anugraha’s loss our home was a Subud House offering free accommodation to travelling members, meeting etc. After Anugraha Andreas became the loneliest man on the planet. When he comes home if any of his old friends would like to sit with him. Help him to face this big experience.  All are welcome. He is unlikely to remember much due to lesions on his brain. Gentleness is paramount

PRACTICAL: I am looking for an au pair type person to do washing ironing house etc. can anyone help. Live in possible.

SMALL LIGHT WHEELCHAIR: for indoor use only . If anyone has one not used would love it on temporary loan basis

SUPPORT NURSING TEAM: who visit 4 times a day need someone at night to allow me to rest with peace of mind. Need someone through out day to be with him.



…yet gives nothing in the past or now to help Andreas. It gives no recognition to Public Benefit and turns it’s back. It appears it is a Registered Charity solely for the tax benefit and other rewards it receives. This raises the question if indeed the Charity Commission should be informed and for them to investigate if indeed Subud Britain is worthy of its recognition

An article written by Sharif Horthy in the 80s re “Why Anugraha Should Be Easy” infers that ‘Charity’ has been dispensed with. It is not clear if it applies to a change of usage of Anugraha that may not have been legal as Shareholders were not informed or change of emphasis within the organisation. Could this be the root of the problem? I draw this to the attention of caring members to bring about change not just for Andreas but members in the future.

The May edition of Subud Voice disappeared from the Internet yet it is available. I assume this may be due to Lewes members reaction to the loss of St Anne’s. The transcript is very interesting and for me highlighted 3 things

1. They were angry at St Anne’s Loss.
2. They failed to understand the significance of being ‘saved’
3. They came into true realisation that the organisation and representatives place great importance upon Subud’s assets rather than its members.

Lewes was spot on. This cannot be more plain. A man is dying. Subud has responsiblity. He has suffered for 27 years. His life destroyed. They won’t help.

Is it not time for change? Only members can produce the change for their future

What is clear, evil and material forces predominate in the Subud Organisation. I cannot forgive what you have done and continue to do in the case of Andreas . It’s painful to experience. I can only protect him from being hurt further. He knows but never complains.

END OF SILENCE –  Justice & Closure before he dies. NOW

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